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„After the Cold War” is a project in which we wish to explore the secrets of the history of some interesting places situated near the Polish borders. The idea for this Project came up in the community of explorers and enthusiasts of history of Pomerania, hence we have decided, first of all, to commence the activities involving the exploration of our nearest and at the same time the most interesting areas, i.e., the area of Eastern Prussia. In the future this Project is to include also the western border of our country and, in particular, the land once belonging to Poland. The field of our interest is the history of WWII, the Cold War, tourism and exploration.


Why “the Cold War”? The cold war was a state of tension which took place between 1947-1991 and ideological, political and military rivalry between the USSR and generally speaking – the rest of the world. The arms race taking place at that time contributed an unlimited number of redundant and never fully-used military facilities thanks to which nowadays we are able to discover the stories of the bygone era.


A word of introduction

After the end of the WWII and the so-called Cold War most structures of military nature ceased to serve their original function. Many of them became deserted and fell into ruin all forgotten. In Poland a significant portion of the areas once belonging to the military becomes more and more often private property.  Museums, open-air ethnographic museums and didactic paths allowing the public to learn about the region’s history are created there. Unfortunately, it is also the case that on site of former anti-missile defense divisions and fortification structures there are constructed hotels, vacation resorts or grill bars, but this is a completely different story. Post-military and postindustrial facilities situated on the territory of the Kaliningrad Oblast in most part remain deserted until this day. They have not found any administrators able to manage them, so the buildings fall into ruin at a breathtaking speed. Many of them are demolished in order to obtain steel or other construction materials. No organization affiliating the enthusiasts of fortifications dealing with the documentation of the existing military engineering monuments glorifying once immense power of the Big Brother has been established recently in Russia. Obviously, sometimes old forts and fortresses situated in centers and on the outskirts of bigger cities are restored but that is only a tip of an iceberg.


Who we are:

We are primarily the history lovers. We occupy with the broadly-understood tourism but also the underground explorations. We try to explore the hard–to-get-to places, documenting the remnants of the atmosphere of mysteriousness, we wish to discover secrets and share them with those who are familiar with such passions.

Project’s objects:

The object of this Project is to popularize the historic knowledge of the former deserted post-military structures from the period of the last wars. In the scope of our interests there lie also the structures of industrial nature and all other deserted and forgotten places whose beauty is worth immortalizing with the lens of a photographic camera.


We would like to invite to cooperation both individuals as well as institutions thanks to whom it will be possible to exchange information, organize meetings including an opportunity to visit interesting historic places on the territory of Russian and Poland. The territory of our country abounds in various types of military monuments from different epochs. We would like to proudly show them to our neighbors from beyond the Eastern border who would gain an opportunity to see those exceptional places. We offer professional guidance and assistance in the organization of necessary formalities.



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